cuteness delivered to your doorstep

Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by puppies?  This is how.  Whether its for birthday, office visit, or you just want to make someone's day, a Puppy Party is going to be a hit!  Anytime you need multiple puppies, this is where you need to come.  Your kids are going to love our Puppy Birthday Parties.  Any office will be more efficient after being perked up by a pack of our puppies.  The possibilities are endless!

Puppy rentals are the first step to seeing if a puppy is right for your family.   We deliver the puppies to your home or a park and pick it up after.  Any member of our Puppy Pack can reserve an individual puppy.  Once you've spent some quality time with the puppy of your choice, please fill out the Adoption Application to continue with the adoption process.