Where do your puppies come from?

Puppies come to us from all different backgrounds.  Unfortunately, a large portion of dog owners have not decided to have their dog spayed or neutered, leading to an extreme number of accidental or unplanned litters.  Our foster homes take in puppies from these litters, as well as, from people who have opted to not keep their own puppy.  We do not purchase our puppies from breeders or pet stores.  Puppies For Rent has helped find permanent homes for hundreds of puppies through our services.  With our Trial Adoptions and application process to help prevent people from prematurely adopting a puppy, we can ensure that any puppy we take in finds a loving forever home.

How many puppies do you have?

Puppies For Rent has anywhere from 10-30 puppies in our care.  We want to help each puppy find a great home as soon as possible. 

We have foster homes throughout Utah to provide safe and spacious environments for our puppies. The puppies are only crated when sleeping at night and are given plenty of playtime during the day. Our foster homes give 24 hour care to the puppies. The foster home locations are kept private for the safety of the puppies. 

Where do the puppies live?

The breeds we have are totally random.  We do occasionally have hypoallergenic breeds.  Sometimes we have purebred puppies but usually not. 

Do you have a specific breed?

The options in green are available to Puppy Pack Members only.

The options in green are available to Puppy Pack Members only.

How much does it cost to rent a puppy?