New Website

We designed our new website with three goals in mind.

  • Improve the Adoption Process
  • Provide more pictures of the puppies
  • Share our mission and progress

Our Adoption Application can now be filled out right here on our website. No more printing, scanning or any of that nonsense.  Clear instructions are provided for when to send in your application and how it is handled.  Pet stores don't usually verify where their animals are going. We want to be positive that each puppy is going to a loving forever home. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our puppies, set up a Trial Adoption to see if the puppy is a good match.  You can see pictures of all our available puppies here.

New Management

Over the last year Puppies For Rent has undergone a change of ownership and is recently under new management.  We are extremely excited for what the future brings and are looking for new partnerships.  Puppies For Rent has deep ties with the local community and wants to support it even more.  Does your non-profit or organization need puppies?  Maybe your business is interested in being a Kennel Sponsor at one of our foster homes?  There are so many ways to be involved at Puppies For Rent.  Please don't hesitate to send us your inquiries.

New Vision

Puppies For Rent is more dedicated than ever to protecting dogs.  Our new foster care program allows each puppy to receive vaccinations, deworming and some basic training. Each puppy is microchipped before adoption and comes with a Health Record.  The staff at Puppies For Rent, although small, is driven to creating a world that ensures all dogs and puppies are treated well. It is estimated that for every human birth, 6 to 8 puppies are born. There is a huge need for breeding regulation as well as spay and neuter requirements. We do not support breeders, puppy mills, nor dog stores.  Puppies For Rent has helped over 250 dogs, 12 bunnies and 4 cats find adoptive homes. 

We are here to serve you and the critters we take in.  

Now let us show you why we are THE BEST WAY TO ADOPT.