Our Mission

Find the perfect, forever home for each puppy we take in.

Protect all dogs from abuse and unhealthy breeding.

Connect with and promote the community we serve.

our story

In 2012 a student wanted to play with a puppy. After borrowing a friend's recently adopted puppy to help ease the puppy cravings, an idea was sparked.  A short time later Puppies For Rent was born.  Originating out of an apartment in Provo, we offered puppy rentals to other college students.  It helped with the anxieties and stresses of school.  Soon we learned an unfortunate truth; there are a lot of 'extra' puppies in the world.  Puppies For Rent immediately turned it's efforts towards finding homes for as many of those extra puppies as we could.  An Adoption Process was set up to make sure each puppy found just the right home.  Our services are now available to a majority of Utah's residents and we are continuing to grow and improve. 

We are one of very few self-sustained, for-profit, no-kill animal rescues!  Our crew works around the clock to care for our puppies.  The Adoption Process has become even more refined to guarantee that each adoption is permanent.  The puppies are highly socialized and recognize our staff as family.  We couldn't be happier about where we are today and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.  

the Puppies

Where do the puppies come from?

Our puppies come to us from owner-forfeitures, unplanned litters, and anyone who has a puppy needing a home.  We do not support breeders, mills, nor puppy stores.  We can take in any puppies under 4 months old.  We regularly vaccinate and deworm all of our puppies.

Pet stores* and breeders often don't regulate who buys their dogs.  This leads to a staggering number of puppies being re-homed within just weeks of being purchased.  Our Adoption Process eliminates this problem and by offering puppy rentals we help satisfy the puppy craving. 

Where do the puppies live?

We have foster homes throughout Utah to provide safe and spacious environments for our puppies.  The puppies are only crated when sleeping at night and are given plenty of playtime during the day.  Our foster homes give 24 hour care to the puppies.  If you are interested in being a foster home please email us at puppiesforrent@gmail.com.

What happens when they aren't puppies anymore?

Everything we do is directed at getting each puppy adopted into the perfect home.  We start accepting Adoption Applications as soon as a puppy is made available to rent.  It only takes about 3 weeks for a puppy to find it's forever home.