Step 1

Double check that you are within our delivery limits!




We offer free delivery to the area in green.  This includes areas in but not all of Orem, Provo, and Vineyard.  If your address is outside of this area we will not deliver to you.  Please plan on meeting us at either Nielsen's Grove Park, Pioneer Park(Provo), or City Center Park (Orem) to play with the puppies.  For corporate or large events please contact us to schedule your puppy rental.

Step 2

Create a customer profile.  This is free and takes less than 60 seconds. Click here if you do not already have a customer profile.

Step 3

Decide how many puppies!  The most common service our clients select is four puppies for one hour.  We can deliver up to eight puppies.  If you are interested in renting an individual puppy but haven't joined our Puppy Pack, click here!  The Puppy Pack is a community of dog lovers that helps sustain our foster care system.  You can learn more about it here.

step 4

Make your reservation by clicking the link below.  Be sure to read all the instructions and input all the correct information.  A confirmation email will be sent shortly after confirming your reservation.

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