Adopt: to take by choice into a relationship; especially: to take voluntarily as one's own child*


Anyone may apply to adopt a puppy.  A few of the things we look for when considering someone for adoption are:

  • pet history
  • home ownership/landlord's permission to own a pet
  • safe and appropriate living space for the breed
  • motives, why are you going to be the best adoptive home?
  • lifestyle, time available to care for puppy


  1. Meeting the puppy!  Book your Puppy Rental to experience all that it is to own a puppy.  You must meet the puppy before being approved for adoption.  Since we credit 50% of the fee from your rentals towards the adoption fee, why not make extra sure this is the right dog for you?  We strongly recommend a Puppy Sleepover for any first time puppy owners.  Our hope is that you will thoroughly get to know the puppy before applying to adopt.  We do not have a return policy and do not offer refunds for adoptions, hence, the Trial Adoptions.  If you have any concerns about the breed, time commitment, or your housing situation please reconsider adopting and continue renting puppies.
  2. Research.  Make sure the dog's full grown size, personality and potential health concerns are something you're ready for.  When it comes to adopting a puppy there is more to consider than just looks!  Some breeds require extra attention, training or veterinary care. Please use our Puppy Rentals to make 110% certain that this is the right dog for you and vise versa. Each puppy is kept up to date on their vaccinations and is microchipped before the adoption.
  3. Apply.  Now that you're positive this is the right puppy, please fill out the adoption application by clicking on OPEN FORM below. We process applications in a first come, first served order. However, submitting an application does not guarantee that a puppy will be yours. The approval for adoption comes after much consideration and verification.
  4. Processing.  We will contact you within 1 business day with more information about the adoption process.  If you are not approved, you will be notified why. 
  5. Approval.  Your application is approved by a representative from Puppies For Rent and an adoption date is set.  Time to get a doggie bed, bowls, and a crate!
  6. Adoption!  This is the day you've been waiting for.  Your puppy will be delivered with a Health Record, enough food for a week, a leash and collar. Now the work begins!
  7. Training, socializing and patience.  Please come to our Doggie Meet-Ups to keep your puppy happy, healthy and exercised. We love to hear your doggy stories and want to share them on our blog.  Owning a puppy may be a lot of work but with patience and love you will be rewarded with the friendship of a lifetime. 


The standard adoption fee is $275.00 and for hypoallergenic(non-shedding) breeds it is $375.00.  We credit 50% of the fees from your Puppy Rentals with the puppy you adopt, towards the adoption fee.  Puppy Party fees are not applied towards the adoption fee.


Click OPEN FORM to fill out the adoption application.  Once you have filled it out, click 'SEND IT IN!'. A representative from Puppies For Rent will contact you within one business day with more information about the adoption process.  If you do not own your home or do not have proof of your landlord's permission to own a dog, do not submit an application. 

Click here if you know of a puppy that needs our help to find a home.